Hailing from London, England, Stuart is a photographer now based in Los Angeles.

He spent his early 20s traveling the world, becoming slowly, but surely, inspired by everything he saw. His travels saw him settled in Australia for 5 (cough) productive years, before the dreaded 'proper job' beckoned.

Returning to London, he became, of all things, a stockbroker. But while cold calls and even colder computer screens became daily realities, success as a city boy in striped bespoke suits somehow eluded him.   

Jumping ship, he finally made the change he'd always flirted with but never committed to: photography. He searched Ebay for his first camera and bought two cameras from Berlin-based celebrity photographer Wolfgang: a Mamiya 645 and Pentax Km, both film cameras. (Digital was but a glint in Sony's eye at that time). 

Fast forward 10+ years, and Stuart is now firmly established in the advertising market, having worked on a number of campaigns in entertainment, sport and myriad other mainstream brands. He is currently working his first exhibition, "Quiet," which has already taken him to five continents and is slated for completion later this year.

When Stuart is home and not traveling for work he lives in Beverly Hills with his wife Rebecca, son Raf and his little princess Agnes.