Fashion Director of Harper’s Bazaar, the leading Australian monthly fashion magazine.  Responsible for the direction and influence that Harper’s Bazaar has on the Australia Fashion industry. Thelma manages and directs the fashion department to create fashion, using Australian and overseas designers in stories that reflect the image required of an international magazine.

Prior to joining Harper’s Bazaar, Thelma was Fashion Director of Grazia Australia, a weekly fashion magazine. During her time their, her influence and contribution has resulted in an increase circulation and readership, while developing strong relationships with major advertisers.    

Thelma established herself in the Australian fashion industry through her own company which she ran for over 12 years. During this time she has regularly contributed to Grazia UK and been the leading stylists for several high profile Australian fashion events. Her unique position in Australian fashion has allowed her to establish a strong network within the fashion industry that continues to contribute to her success today.